The Gods of the winds vex my soul,
Their tempests rage, waves tumults roll,
Ye winds! Indulge your rage no more;
Ye sounding billows! Cease to roar!

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The naval oak confers Imperium Pelagi; the empire of the seas, on sailors who obey the whims of the Venti, the Gods of the winds and nurture their moods to best effect in battles.

Aquilo – God of the north wind.


Aquilo poem

Caecius – God of the north-east wind.


 Caesius poem

Volturnus – God of the east wind.

Volturnus poem

Subsolanus – God of the south-east wind.


Subsolanus poem

Auster – God of the south wind.


Auster poem

Afer ventus – God of the south-west wind.

Afer Ventus

Afer Ventus poem

Favonius – God of the west wind.


Favonius poem

Caurus – God of the north-west wind.


Venti Descriptions #(8)


O Aeolus! for to thee the King of Heav’n
The pow’r of tempests and of winds has giv’n;
Thy force alone their fury can restrain,
And smooth the waves, or swell the troubled main,
These airy kingdoms, and this wide command,
Are all the presents of your bounteous hand:
The raging winds rush thro’ the hollow cloud,
And dance aloft in air, and skim o’er the ground;
Then, settling on the sea, the surges sweep,
Raise liquid mountains, and disclose the deep,
North, South, East, West; with mix’d confusion roar,
And roll the foaming billows towards shore,
The cables crack; the sailors’ fearful cries,
Ascend; heav’n itself is ravish’d from their eyes,
The face of things a frightful image bears,
And present death in various forms appears.

     The Aeneid, Virgil (translated by Dryden)  

At such times sailors of all nations cry out the 107th Psalm…

Psalm 107 23 30

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