Fortuna Belli, goddess of fortune in war is blindfolded, representing the capriciousness of the battlefield. She carries a spear in her right hand and wears a Centurions helmet, indicating her martial aspect. Her Cornucopia, traditionally full of food, bulges with musket balls to feed the soldiers hungry weapons.

She is also a goddess of fate. Her smile in battle brings continuing life and luck to those who see it; her frown brings nox est perpetua una dormienda.

Fortuna Belli semper ancipiti in loco est:
the fortune of war stands ever on the verge (Seneca).

te, Fortuna, sequor; procul hinc jam fœdera sunto; credidimus fatis, utendum est judice bello; 
you, Fortune, I follow; hence far all treaties past; to fate I commit myself, and the arbitration of war (Lucan, on Cæsar crossing the Rubicon)

Fortuna Belli is one of the aspects of Fortuna, Imperatrix Mundi.

O Fortuna#